The following is an excerpt from when Carlos Reyes and Sal Shakir appeared on Channel 12 NBC News on April 11th, 2018. Read the article below.


“On Wednesday, April 11th National Cash Offer made an appearance on local news station Channel 12 on NBC. The segment appeared on Arizona Midday on Channel 12 News on NBC which is a day time programming segment that sheds light on various businesses and companies who help the public. The television spot featured Sal Shakir and Carlos Reyes (who are the owners of National Cash Offer) presenting their services on the multi-media platform. The segment also featured a woman by the name of Crystal who had a house in Maricopa, Arizona and had a dire situation in which she could not sell her home due to water and pipe issues.


Crystal’s house was flooded with water due to the water company in Maricopa changing the water meter, and in return it added pressure to the pipes that busted in her house. She had felt desperate and in need as she had also hired another independent company to fix it, who in the end did not but took her money. Crystal’s prayers were finally answered when she called National Cash Offer. National Cash Offer gave Crystal an offer within minutes of discussing her property. She was able to leave her house and part with it in just 2 weeks, and receiving money for her house. Crystal gave a testimony on her story and what she went through and exclaimed how grateful she was for the service.”